5 Ways To Fly Like A CEO When Travelling In Economy

As competitive as commercial airlines are, flying isn’t cheap and even economy class tickets are enough to put the heat on most peoples’ finances. However, just because you’re travelling in coach doesn’t mean you can’t live like a king in other ways. For anyone with champagne tastes and a lemonade budget, here are five ways to explore the finer side of life when you next fly economy. How many have you tried?

Fly Like A CEO When Travelling In Economy

1. Buy Yourself Lounge Access

If you have ever wondered what lies beyond the gleaming doors of airport lounges, you may have assumed that only business-class and first class ticket holders are given access. In fact, there are many ways to experience the CEO lifestyle with an economy ticket. For starters, some credit cards provide lounge access or the ability to trade-in points for a lounge pass. Failing that, most airlines let anyone buy a lounge pass. The lowest prices are for those who book ahead as opposed to buying a pass upon arrival.

2. Stay At An Airport Hotel

The worst things about flying economy are the long waits for checking in and going through security. As most airports are at their busiest in the early morning on weekdays, you can avoid mad rushes simply by booking to fly at unsociable times. Not only does this strategy net you cheaper tickets but it will also improve your general experience. The money you save may stretch to a short stay at an airport hotel. You can shower, relax and enjoy the amenities normally afforded to first-class ticket holders for a fraction of the cost.

Stay At An Airport Hotel

3. Stock Up On Pampering Products

The general lure of business and first class flying is that your experience is more akin to a flying spa instead of a cramped sweat box. As anyone who has ever flow this way before will tell you, there is only so much comfort that extra legroom and better seats will bring. Even with fully flat seats, first class passengers still experience turbulence in the same way as other passengers. You can recreate some of the benefits of business by stocking up on pampering products. For example, 3floz.com sells a huge range of toiletries, creams, moisturizers and other products that will greatly improve your comfort.

4. Use Airline Credit Cards

Airline credit cards are the best way to earn frequent flyer miles and you can use these to trade up to an actual better seat without spending more than economy-class money. Do your research and find the best deal, then spend hard on one card to accumulate the miles quickly.

Use Airline Credit Cards

5. Reserve Your Own Parking Space

To feel a little like royalty, park and fly schemes let you reserve a space in the airport car park. You can enjoy a relaxing drive and be assured of having a space when you arrive. Reservation services guarantee you a nice, convenient space near the terminal and you even get a guard to look after your car while you are away.


These five ideas for improving the economy-class flying experience should help anyone feel like a CEO for a day. Which ideas have you tired? Let us know and leave us a comment below!

Author Bio: Warren Brown is a freelance blogger and an ace creative write with many years of experience writing for top blogs. Warren has written on a myriad of topics and has written several posts for us.

SeaTac Airport: Best Tips For Parking

Airport parking is usually quite stressful, especially if departing from any busy international airports around the country. There are simply too many things to keep an eye on when travelling for pleasure or even for business. Passengers have to deal with hectic traffic delays when getting to the airport, around the terminal, checking in the bags, managing the weight of onboard baggage and where the vehicle will, be parked during the duration of the travel. This and the lengthy security checks at the airports makes the whole travelling process quite a daunting task for all travelers.

Long term or short term parking…

Depending on immediate needs, one can either opt for long or short term parking in or around the airport. If travelling for a vacation for example, the long term parking option at SeaTac is the most ideal. So as to avoid paying overpriced rates for this form of airport parking in Seattle, it is advisable to plan for parking arrangements well ahead of the trip. Performing a thorough research on the available parking lots is the best way to go about it. If long term parking space is unavailable at the airport, then one can opt for other parking spots around the airport. These are normally just a couple of miles from SeaTac and that also happily arrange for a shuttle or curbside service to the terminal.

There are other parking lots that offer covered or underground parking in and around the airport. Although these attract an additional charge, they keep the vehicles free of dust and debris while one is away on a business or vacation trip.

What about security?

It pays to inquire about the security arrangements for parked cars at the airport before parking yours there. Ask if security is on hand to watch over vehicles parked there prior to booking a reservation for SeaTac parking. Knowing your vehicle is safe will surely reassure you.

Where security is concerned, the best airport parking is the type that offers 24 hours surveillance cameras on actual patrol guards that only allow for registered vehicle owners to enter the parking lot territory.

The Rise of the Small Car

It wasn’t so long ago that the full-size saloon ruled the roost when it came to the UK car sales charts. Throughout the 1970s, 1980s and into the 1990s, cars like the Cortina, Sierra, Cavalier and Vectra sold consistently well. More recently, however, smaller cars have come to dominate. In 2013, the Ford Fiesta, Ford Focus and Vauxhall Corsa took the top three places in the new car sales charts and small city cars and hatchbacks dominated the entire top 20. Clearly, UK motorists are beginning to favour smaller cars and there are several reasons for this phenomenon.

Rising fuel prices

One of the major costs of motoring is that of filling up at the pumps. Fuel prices have been consistently rising and motorists have been feeling the pinch. At the same time, the recent financial crisis has slowed wage rises in real terms and the public have responded by being more frugal in their car choices. Modern small cars can achieve fuel economy figures that could only be dreamed of just a few decades ago and real savings are there to be made. A visit to a small car specialist in Crawley will soon uncover many models that can achieve well over 50mpg and significantly reduce the cost of your motoring.

Tax incentives

Motorists who choose smaller cars don’t just save on fuel. Those frugal engines tend also to be more efficient when it comes to CO2 emissions, so they attract less vehicle excise duty and in the best cases are totally exempt. Insurance costs are lower, too, but money saving is not the only reason we are choosing small cars. Advances in technology mean that smaller cars are now more comfortable to travel in and those small engines are now more powerful. When you add great style and design, it is easy to see why more people are getting in compact motors.

Used Car Dealer vs. Private Seller – What is Better?

If you are in the market for a used car, one of the things you will ponder over will be whether to go to a dealer which specialises in selling cars with a few miles on the clock, or whether to just find a private seller of the car you want and buy it from them directly.

Here we consider which option is best to take.

Used car dealer:

A greater choice – You’ll be able to see a range of vehicles, so even if you decide that your ideal make or model isn’t available, you may find something else that takes your fancy. It may be the case that something you hadn’t even considered would suit you and your lifestyle better.

Warranties offered – Many of the cars for sale Angus has to offer from a dealer will be offered with some sort of warranty, which provides greater piece of mind. This is unlike a private seller who wouldn’t be able to do this, so if offers a far safer bet if something were to go wrong in the early stages of your car ownership.

Private seller:

Cheaper to buy – If you are set on buying a specific make and model of car then you may find it cheaper to buy through a private seller. This may also be the case if you see a bargain on a version of a type of car which perhaps is far more expensive than if bought through a used car dealer.

Bargain if you know about cars – If you are really clued up about cars then you are in a great position to buy from a private seller, as you will quickly be able to tell whether they are trying to shift you something which is going to be more trouble than it’s worth.

Overall it’s for you to decide which is going to be best for you, but the used car dealer option does offer the far safer route to happy car ownership.

4 Important Things You Must Consider When Moving During Winter

Packing is certainly one of the most important aspects one must consider when moving. It gets trickier when one wants to move during winter months. Why so? You have to ensure that you get your packaging right so as to protect your goods from moisture. So just how do you go about it? How do you ensure that your goods or rather possessions are not affected by moisture when moving?

The weather

It all starts with the weather. Snow or rain can cause a significant amount of water damage to items that are not packaged well. With that in mind, consider the weather before moving. Do not rely on weather reports. The precipitation in air during winter often changes and is always thicker than it is during summer, which needless to say, is the best season to consider moving. Like you will find out, winter causes mold infestation warps wood and ruins documents.

Hire professionals

This is especially the case when one wants to move delicate items such as pianos. Professionals from moving companies know what it means to wrap delicate and regular items all in the name of preventing them from moisture damage. Keep in mind that the professionals will ensure you won’t have to re-tune the piano after moving it.

Other delicate items

Be extra careful when packing items that have liquids in them. The liquids may expand or freeze and cause more damage. Be careful too when moving house plants with other delicate items in the truck. Simply carry them with you inside your car.

Consider the truck for moving too

Covered moving trucks are better compared to uncovered ones. But it does not end at just the whether the truck is covered or not. Ensure that the truck is fitted with coolers and freezers that can ensure your goods are transported under the right temperatures and conditions.

Why You Need To Get Help When Moving Your Office

Packing and moving to a new office building can be stressful for any company or business. Fortunately, there are professionals who provide moving services to ensure that the process is less stressful. There are many variables that exist when it comes to office relocation and it helps to leave the job to people who have moving experience. Most people do not have the time to consider all the factors that range from packing and transportation to unpacking and possible storage.

Getting professional assistance

There are many advantages of using professionals, instead of attempting to do the job yourself. Lack of experience can be costly in the end. When you hire commercial movers, you have professionals who coordinate and help in the entire process. During the packing, the movers catalogue the inventory to make it easy when it comes to unpacking and sorting at the destination. Professionals have the necessary expertise when it comes to packing office equipment and machinery.

Layout of the new location

When planning the move, the layout of the new location is very important. Knowing the placement of all the furniture and equipment beforehand makes it easy when it comes to unpacking. Cataloguing will also help to ensure that you know where all items are, which helps to protect valuable and delicate equipment. The more costly items can be protected if they are properly identified. The movers often have boxes and packing materials that are suitable for different items.

Most people often overlook the amount of work and effort it takes to dismantle equipment, cubicles and other furniture items. When you hire professionals, you have people who will not only dismantle the items but also reassemble them when they get to the new destination. Having many hands on the job will help to ensure that it is completed fast and efficiently. You can avoid unnecessary downtime by leaving the job of office relocation to professionals.

Five of Greatest Ever Fords

Ford is one of the most illustrious names in the motor industry. Over the years they have made many fine cars. Here are five of the best.

Model T

The Model T was the car that started it all for Ford. It was the world’s first truly mass market car and brought motoring within the reach of normal middle-class families. Ford also transformed manufacturing with the Model T, creating the first ever moving assembly line.

Ford Popular

In the austerity years after the Second World War, Britain needed a reliable and cheap car and Ford once more stepped into the breach. The 1953 Ford Popular was in many ways the spiritual successor to the Model T and represented motoring at its most basic. It was half the price of a Volkswagen Beetle and was instrumental in getting Britain’s motorists back on the road.

Ford Cortina

The Ford Cortina was a British institution and was manufactured for 20 years between 1962 and 1982. The Cortina offered better economy and performance and better handling, while costing less than its direct competitors. More than four million were sold during its run and the Cortina was never far from the top of the sales charts.

Ford Focus

The Ford Focus replaced the Escort in 1998 and since then has proved to be an absolute hit with British drivers. It is still going strong today and models for all budgets can be found at dealers like Ford Kidderminster and others all over the country. It is spacious, practical and economical and a lot more fun to drive than most of its competitors.

Ford GT40

A true sports classic to finish our list. Back in the 1960s, Ford tried to take over Ferrari but was rejected by owner Enzo. They resolved then to make their own supercar and the result was the 1964 GT40. The car went on to win Le Mans four years in a row and a legend was born.

The Importance Of Hiring A Professional Mover

A time comes when you have to move perhaps due to personal, business or professional reasons. The process of moving house calls for professional help. Depending with your needs, you can expect the experienced workforce of a professional company to package, load, and move, as well as unload your valuable item; they will ensure safe piano moving.

Furthermore, many professional movers offer storage services to store customer goods for the short-term. This is particularly helpful for customers who soon discover their new home is too small to accommodate all their items.

  • Hassle free experience

Moving is not always an easy task because it involves the process of moving heavy, bulky and fragile items. The process can prove stressful, time consuming, and energy consuming. Therefore, it helps to hire a moving company. Professional help guarantees to get your valuable items to their destination in perfect condition. The company’s well-motivated team will work within the scheduled budget and timeframe to get you, your family and valuables to your new home.

  • Cost effective

Many homeowners opt to handle their own move in order to save on costs. They figure, hiring a professional mover is an unnecessary cost that must be avoided. Sometimes they ask a few of their friends to help them with the packaging. However, the idea of handling your own move could end up being a costly affair, with some of your valuable breaking during the move. Hiring a professional mover will minimize risks of breakage, ensuring the safety of your valuables.

  • Provide insurance

Professional movers have insurance. Therefore, you can expect the company to provide compensation for your valuables, in the event of some of your valuable items getting damaged or stolen. Furthermore, in case an employee of the moving company receives injuries during the move, you will not be held responsible for the injuries.

Limited-Edition Bentley Announced

This week Bentley has revealed that it will be building a limited number of the new Continental GT3-R, a track-tuned special edition of an already quick car.

Only 300 of the GT3-R models will be produced at the firm’s factory in Crewe, according to Cambridge News. And the announcement comes shortly after Bentley was able to claim victory during the Blancpain Endurance Series, representing the first time that a British manufacturer has been first past the chequered flag at this event in over eight decades.

Real-World Power

The GT3-R will feature a 40-litre V8 engine outfitted with twin turbochargers, pumping out a total of 580bhp. And compared with the standard Continental it will be an impressive 100 kilos lighter, meaning that the 0-62mph time has been brought down to only 3.6 seconds.

Because each vehicle will be built by hand, with the help of Bentley’s team that is dedicated to its motorsport branch, the GTR-3 will clearly be a sought-after model, albeit one that will be seriously expensive even by the standards of this high-end manufacturer.

At the moment the company has not confirmed pricing, but the 300 iterations of the Continental GTR-3 are likely to be snapped up incredibly quickly by those who have deep enough pockets.

Exciting new additions

Of course, most people looking at the cars for sale Inverness has to offer will have more modest budgets, but it is still thrilling to hear about any new cars which push the boundaries of performance and price.

For example, at this month’s Goodwood Festival of Speed it is expected that performance specialist McLaren will be putting two new models on show. Although these have so far been shrouded in secrecy, it is known that F1 star Jenson Button will actually be on hand at the event to put them through their paces.

Top 5 Truck-Related Android Games For Truck Lovers

Every once in a while, it is very nice and quite entertaining to kill some time by playing different types of games on your smartphone. Truck games in particular are delightful because they give you a whole new truck driving experience and they make you feel like a real truck driver. If you love trucks and everything related to them, here are a couple of Android games you might want to try in the near future.

Truck-Related Android Games

  • Truck by gametornado. This is one of the most popular truck games in the Android Market and it scored almost 5 stars out of 5. What you have to do in this game is to pick up a load and drive through a series of dangerous levels without losing it. Although this might sound quite easy, after a few level your skills and patience will really be put to test!
  • Parking Truck by thesurix. On the other hand, if you have always fancied parking a truck, but you never had this chance in real life then Parking Truck by thesurix is suitable for you in this case. Feel free to park a  big truck  in different parking spots around the city without crashing into other cars or damaging your vehicle. Also, this game gives you the opportunity to drive a bus and a truck with a trailer as well and it has already been reviewed by more than 18,000 users, so it is a pretty popular app.

Parking Truck by thesurix

  • Truck Simulator 3D by Ovidiu Pop. If you want to enjoy the full truck driving experience in your own hands then make sure that you try this game too. It features American maps including some of the most important cities, realistic truck physics, truck customization possibilities, stunning 3D graphics, realistic damage, fuel and fatigue and even an interior camera for all trucks as well. Give this application a try by downloading it for free from the Google Play and if this is exactly what you are looking for then check the in-app purchases in order to remove the ads from this game and unlock all its features!
  • Top Truck Free by Ace Viral. If you love truck races then this application is perfect for you. With Top Truck Free you can test your racing skills and engage in countless crazy levels for hours after hours, looking for hidden paths and also boosting your truck with nitro packs as well. You can also use the accelerometer of your smartphone in order to play this game and this will give you an even more realistic and enjoyable truck driving experience.

Top Truck Free by Ace Viral

  • Truck Simulator 3D by FlorentinaKuster. Finally, this application is very similar to the truck simulator described above, but many users find this game even more attractive and entertaining. It gives you the possibility to realistically drive your truck using a steering wheel, brake and acceleration pedals and a gear lever, you can have tons of fun by playing in the free driving mode, there are more than 40 levels to explore and you can even drive your truck during the night too!

Author Bio: Warren Brown is a freelance blogger and an ace creative write with many years of experience writing for top blogs. Warren has written on a myriad of topics and has written several posts for us.